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Contributors include:

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Sir Derek Jacobi

In this exclusive series of interviews, the legendary Sir Derek Jacobi shares his thoughts on his career path and his approach to the craft of acting.

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John Hubbard - Casting Director

Hubbard Casting is the UK's top Casting Agency who have cast over 150 feature films & TV series. John gives excellent advice on the Actor's approach, classic mistakes made in auditions and how to give yourself the best possible chance in a casting.

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Sir Richard Eyre - Director

Sir Richard was the Artistic Director of the National Theatre and is also an award winning Film & Theatre Director.  He delivers his thoughts on the audition process for both Theatre and Film and discusses the role of the Actor within it.

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Mark Bowden - Marketing Expert

Mark is an expert on Actor marketing.  Over this series he reveals many insider secrets on how to make CVs, photos and letters work for Actors as well as understanding the process of promoting yourself as a ‘business.’

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Mel Churcher - Screen Acting Coach

Mel has been the acting coach of many major films including, Luc Besson's ‘The Fifth Element’ and ‘Joan of Arc’.  She is also the author of the book ‘Acting for Film – truth 24 times a second’.   Mel delivers a series of master classes on how to maximise potential in TV and Film auditions and acting for the camera.

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What is Creative Edge Audio?

Are you a Professional Actor or serious about making a full time career in acting?  How many auditions did you attend last year?  How many were successful?  How many did you get feedback from?

If you could ask Casting Directors, Producers and other Industry Experts anything about your chosen profession, what would you ask?

Creative Edge Audio is a new audio magazine for Professional Actors on Compact Disc.  It asks the questions you would like to ask.  This unique series consists of 12 CDs featuring exclusive interviews and mini master classes with established industry experts and key decision makers.  They all speak openly and honestly about casting, marketing, the craft of acting and voice over.

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Quote:  Creative Edge Audio is the missing link in the Acting Industy...Creative Week 2006

Creative Edge Audio is designed to help established and aspiring Professionals gain the Creative Edge.  The Edge is not some vague quality based on ‘luck’, it's your own keen awareness of how the Industry really works and how to make it work for you.

Previously Creative Edge Audio was only available to subscribers on a month to month basis.  The series was so successful as a monthly subscription that we actually sold out.  However, due to continued demand, we decided to re-print the entire series.

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Testimonials and Reviews

...I just felt I had to let you know how much I am enjoying your publication....not only is it interesting but it's been full of really useful information that is hard to come by anywhere else....I'm pleased to say I've landed a small role in a new feature film (a first for me) which I'm sure wouldn't have happened had I not put into practice the advice from the CDs.  It really has helped me to make the most of myself and the opportunities that have come my way... - A. Marriette

Have just finished listening to the last edition (people would keep interrupting though!)  I think it's an impressive achievement to have produced it.  I've certainly found it fascinating to listen to, particularly as I've cast for both Phil and Sir Richard and there's plenty of good advice to be utilised therein...you've brought a clever and helpful idea to Professional fruition. Best wishes - Alison Chard Casting Director

Pick of the Best - The Stage January 2006

I have absorbed the many and varied insights in to how to get ahead in the Industry, which I have found to be informative, instructive and inspirational. In recent months I have become the face of the Austrian Lottery, and have just been cast by Eastern Angles in 'The Anatomist,' a new play by Tony Ramsay.  Thanks again for giving me 'the edge.'  - V. Hempsey

...in fact I wasn't too sure as to how useful the CDs would be having been a Professional Actor for 12 years now.  But just by listening to the first CD I picked a number of great tips - M. Ferda  

Creative Edge Audio gives Actors the real edge when looking for work...the CD is aimed squarely at Professional Actors because the type of material they uncover goes straight to the heart of what it is to be a working actor today - Creative Week 2006